The Ki-Atsu Institute

Private Pilates/Yoga Sessions

Work one-on-one with one of our experienced instructors. Private instruction is useful for achieving client goals and learning to adapt group class postures to serve your individual needs. Useful for individuals who want to learn and practice yoga at home or those who have special health concerns or injuries.

Private Sessions By Appointment Only

Private sessions - $100.00 (1hr)

  • 8 private session package - $760 ($95 each)
  • 12 private session package - $1020 ($85 each)
  • 20 private session package - $1500 ($75 each)

Semi Private sessions - $60.00 (1hr)

  • 10 semi private session package - $550 ($55 each)
  • 20 semi private session package - $1000 ($50 each)

Private Trio sessions: 1 hr

  • (includes theory of Sankhya Philosophy and 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga)
  • 20 trio sessions package $900 ($45 each) 

Please call 702-263-9000 or e-mail to schedule private, semi-private or trio sessions sessions.

Private Education Home Practice Development

Students frequently want to practice yoga/pilates more often than they can come to private and group classes. Practicing at home is a useful and cost effective supplement to privates and group classes at the studio. A practice consultation includes evaluation of your personal goals, strategizing how to make your practice consistent, and a written practice plan. Our teachers guide you through the practice, and teach the students according to their needs and goals. Specific instruction based on individual needs allows the student to continue or supplement their practice feeling familiar with how to practice on their own safely and effectively.

Personalized Yoga/Pilates Coaching

Group class students frequently benefit from personalized help to deepen their yoga/pilates practice. Private sessions include feedback on how to properly perform yoga/pilates postures and adaptations for the client's individual goals and body. Students who have attended coaching sessions report that the sessions help them make huge strides in improving their yoga/pilates practice.

Special Health Needs


Some individuals have needs that are not met by group classes. Our teachers work one on one with students who have a variety of needs. Examples of specialized needs include: stress management, sports training, managing menopausal symptoms, arthritis, infertility, cancer recovery, Cerebral Palsy, and Multiple Sclerosis. Our teachers also work with individuals with neck, back, and other acute and chronic physical injuries.

Special needs instruction is best when done in a series of at least 8-20 sessions. Many students have a workable plan after 20 sessions. Others prefer to continue working one on one with our teachers indefinitely.