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Nine forms of Goddess Durga

The Sun / Surya: Description of the Sun: The Sun has honey coloured eyes, square body; he is of clean habits, is bilious, intelligent, manly and has limited hair on his head. Parashara, Chapter 3, verse 23

The soul is known as “Atma” in Sanskrit. “Royal” refers to the royal caste known as “Kshatriya.” The Kshatriya are the warriors or defenders of the village, state, or culture. “Moola” refers to the dominion of roots or plants and is the basis of all other things.

The Moon / Varuna:

Description of the Moon: O Brahmin, the Moon is very windy and phlegmatic. She has a round body and is learned. She has auspicious looks and sweet speech, is fickle- minded and very lustful (Parashara, Chapter 3, verse 24).

Mind / Manas, Royal, Queen, Tawny complexion, Varuna (Water), Female, Vaishya (Merchant caste), Sattva (peaceful nature), Blood flow (ie. menses), Watery Places, Muhurta (48 minutes), Saline, North/Night, Milky, Dhatu.
"Manas" represents the experiencing, emotional aspect of the mind. "Dhatu" represents mineral or inanimate objects. Other sages assign the Moon to "Moola" (the root or vegetation world) along with the Sun and Venus.

The Moon / Chandra

Venus / Shukra

Jupiter / Indra

Mars / Mangala

Saturn / Shani / Brahma

Rahu / Durga

Ketu / Rudra